FIP releases substantial update to COVID-19 guidelines for pharmacists around the world

The Hague, 19 March 2020 — Global guidance for pharmacists in community, hospital and clinical biology on coronavirus/COVID-19 has been updated by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and is released today. The document replaces FIP’s first coronavirus guidance issued last month. 

The guidance also addresses opinions on the safety of the use of ibuprofen, ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers and corticosteroids during the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, which suggest an increased risk of infection or increased severity of disease. 

FIP’s Coronavirus Emergency Taskforce is made up of experts from several countries, including China, and representing different regions around the world. FIP is collaborating with its member organisations and other partners to make this guidance available in different languages for maximal dissemination and use.

FIP’s resources on the coronavirus/COVID-19 outbreak can be found