Development of the most favorable terms of scientific or other activities of members of the Associations, coordination of their activities, protection of their rights, presentation of general interests of Association members in government, non­government and international authorities, state and local authorities and courts;

Pharmacological support in medical and preventive treatment facilities of Moscow;

Satisfying the professional scientific and educational requirements of pharmaceutical workers on behalf of development of their personal and creative abilities;

Pursuance of the scientific researches in the field of circulation of drugs and medical devises, support in health technology assessment and pharmacoeconomics researches as well as in the report preparation;

Support in protection of consumer rights and interests in the field of efficiency, quality and safety of products and services offered in the pharmaceutical market;

Scientific research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering;

Scientific research and experimental development on social sciences and humanities;

Activities in the field of law, accounting and auditing as well as consulting in commerce and company management;

Postgraduate education and other education;

Assistance to the producers of drugs and other medical and pharmaceutical devices, pharmaceutical wholesale and retail organizations in the systematic efforts to ensure stable quality, effectiveness and safety of products and services offered and provided to the pharmaceutical market.


Decree of the RF Government dated August 28, 2014 No. 871
On Approval of the Regulations for Preparation of the Lists of Drugs for Medical Use and the Minimum Range of Drugs Required for Rendering Medical Care